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Rates & Payment Policy


We offer 38 musical learning events per Piano Year
(August 28, 2017 - July 27, 2018: Eleven months.)

The 38 musical learning events are:

• 34 Private Lessons
• 1 Group Performance Class - Week of November 6
• 1 Ensemble Rehearsal & Recital - Week of November 13
• 1 Group Performance Class - Week of April 16
• 1 Solo Rehearsal and Recital- Week of April 23

Additional performance and competition opportunities may be available as options throughout the year. Those dates, fees, and locations will be communicated as the information becomes available.


Students/Lesson Length
1 Student, 30 minutes
2 Students, 30 minutes each
3 Students, 30 minutes each
1 Student, 45 minutes
2 Students, 45 minutes each
3 Students, 45 minutes each
1 Student, 60 minutes
2 Students, 60 minutes each
3 Students, 60 minutes each
1 Student 45 min + 1 Student 30 min
1 Student 60 min + 1 Student 45 min


Due at the first lesson of the Piano Year. August start dates are included in the September monthly payment.
TWICE/YEAR: First half due at the first lesson of the Piano Year, the second half is due at the first February lesson.
MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Due at the first lesson of each month for eleven months in eleven equal payments.

LATE FEE: $15.00 is added when payments are not received on or before the 10th of each month.

PAYMENT METHODS (make payable to McKee Music Studios)

  • Automatic Bank Check - most banks will allow you to set up a monthly payment to be received by McKee Music Studios via U.S. Mail. In order to avoid a late fee, we recommend setting the pay date a few days before the 1st of the month to get the payment processed by the 10th.
  • Personal Check
  • Google Wallet - if you have a Google Wallet account or the app, you may send payment to


RECITAL FEE: $20 recital fee per family is due at the first Fall Lesson. You may combine the recital fee with your first monthly payment, semester payment, or annual payment.

MATERIALS FEE: $30 per student. This fee is OPTIONAL If you choose to pay it you are giving your teacher permission to purchase printed music on your behalf through the Piano year. No unspent funds will be rolled over to the next year. You will not be billed for any overage incurred during the current Piano Year.

COMPETITION, FESTIVAL, AND AUDITION FEES: These fees are OPTIONAL and are due only if and when the student, parent, and teacher agree to participate. Fees vary according to the event.

RECITAL DVD: A DVD and/or digital recording by a videographer will be available after each student recital. The price of the recording will be announced at recital if you chooose to purchase a copy.

Cary NC 27511 • Renee McKee: 919-270-7104 • Dr. Richard McKee: 919-270-7102 • email link