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Studio Policy

In order to maintain clear communication about tuition, fees, summer scheduling and practice expectations, we ask that the parent(s) read, print out, sign and return to us the Policy Agreement that will be sent to you as an email attachment the week before Fall Lessons begin. Please return the signed document to us at your student's first Fall Lesson.

Our studio will be open no matter the weather, even if schools have been closed. If you are able to safely come to lesson on time, please come. If not, call us before your regularly scheduled lesson and together we will schedule a make-up lesson on the soonest weekend available.

There will be no make-up lessons during the school year. The exceptions are 1) if the teacher cancels or 2) inclement weather. We will try to work with you if you have an urgent situation that may require missing a lesson.

Recent studies have shown that learning to play an instrument greatly increases brain function. Practicing and playing a musical instrument makes patterns in the brain that make it easier to learn other information. This is why students who learn to play a musical instrument well by practicing regularly do better in school than those who don't.

Any activity that coordinates the brain with the body requires consistent, persistent repetition. In order to master any skill, especially one as multi-tasking as reading music and playing the piano, students need encouragement both from teacher and from home. Parents who provide a designated practice time each day with a well-maintained instrument, and who are willing to enforce the practice time at home will be giving their child the necessary tools for success and confidence.

The rule of thumb for the amount of practice time is to spend 6 sessions per week, each session being the length of the lesson. So a student taking a 45-minute lesson each week should be practicing 45 minutes each day, 6 days a week.

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